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Playfive Tournament Series 2020


The official GomokuWorld series of tournaments played on continues in its second season, starting on Saturday 25/1. The first was won by Igor Eged aka Plajfajv. The second season will run until 1/9/2020.

This time we start with four tournaments a week:

Saturday 19:00 Prague time, 5m + 5s, 7 rounds

Sunday 10:00 Prague time, 3m + 2s, 8 rounds

Monday 20:00 Prague time, 7m + 7s, 6 rounds

Wednesday 21:00 Prague time, 1m + 1s, 9 rounds

First three players by points will be awarded by medals, the winner gets a free tournament entry on a chosen tournament of the Czech federation of gomoku and renju in the season 2020/2021.

Only non-anonymous nicks can compete for the above-mentioned prices – so be sure to fill your name into your profile through editing your settings.

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